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We pride ourselves in treating our patients as we would treat our own family. 

New Patient Form 

Please download and complete this form before you arrive.


Questions and Answers 

Q. Do I need a referral to make an appointment?

A. Yes. We require referral for all new patients. Our doctor will review the records and determines if he can offer you effective pain management plan.

Q. Can I fill out my paperwork in advance?

A. Yes we encourage it. You can download our new Patient form here. **MARCO – Please clean-up form and add logo.

Q. How long does it take to for your office to contact me once you receive my referral papers?

A. We will contact you within 24 hours of receiving your records, in most cases on the same day.

Q. What is the average wait time to be seen at your office?

A. We will accommodate you within three business days subject to your availability and your insurance terms.

Q. Will I receive a procedure on the initial evaluation day?

A. Depending on the nature of the procedure and insurance approval, we can perform procedure on the same day. In most cases, on your initial consultation visit our pain physician will perform a thorough evaluation of your condition including reviewing your imaging studies and discuss a diagnostic and therapeutic course of action with you.

Q. Do I need a driver for my procedure? A. For most spine injections/procedures we do require that you have a driver. Q. Should I be fasted before the procedure?

A. No. We recommend that you have a light meal and take all your usual medications prior to your procedure.

Q. What about blood thinners and injections?

A. Your doctor will have a discussion with you if you regularly take blood thinners prior to deciding on your procedure. You should not hold your blood thinner medication without discussing it with your pain doctor in advance.

Q. What should I wear for my procedure?

A. We suggest comfortable clothing like shirts and

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