Lake Carolina Pain and Spine

We pride ourselves in treating our patients as we would treat our own family. 

We would appreciate your feedback on our services:

  • Dr. K at Desk InPixio(Five Stars) - Dr. Koranloo is very thorough and patient.  He explains concepts carefully and is never in a rush.  I highly recommend him.

  • (Five Stars) - I have a very long and complex story that I won’t write here.  Suffice it to say Dr. Koranloo has been a vital part of my story for over a decade.  He also began treating my wife for the past several years.  When I say Dr. K saved my life, I’m not exaggerating.  Without his help I would not be here today.  He took me in and treated me.  He helped me through the worst parts of my life and through it all was as a mentor.  I did not know you could have a relationship so akin to family when concerning medical practitioners but the relationship between our family and Dr. K is proof.  That being said, Dr. Koranloo is also proof that medical professionals can have sympathy and empathy.  Not all of them treat you as a down payment for their new boat or AMG Mercedes.  For as long as we are able, we will always rely on Dr. K’s experience and medical expertise in all of our health needs.  We’ve recommended him to literally hundreds of friends and family both military and civilian.  Not one was turned away without the help they needed.  Though he is humble, I know for a fact he has saved several lives.

  • (Five Stars) – I can’t say enough about this doctor.  He is excellent. 

  • (Five Stars) – Dr. Koranloo is probably the best doctor that I have ever had.  No exaggeration.  He was able to get me in quickly as a new patient, is very thorough, compassionate, and follows through by personally calling the patient.  His staff was also friendly and compassionate.  I was completely blown away by how wonderful this doctor was to me.  Don’t hesitate to see this doctor.  He will help you immensely.

  • (Five Stars) Very Good Pain Specialist - I was his patient before he moved to Columbia.  Had several since him and I am desperate to go back to him.  He is very good.  

  • Recovery Room InPixio(Five Stars) – Dr. Koranloo has been my chosen doctor for pain and management for my back, neck and spine issues, and has been treating me from his tenure with LMC when the Ravon Rd office was open for service.  Dr. Koranloo is unique, genuine concern for your health and quality of life, pain free is without compromise!  I have always felt welcomed and appreciated as his patient, his level of empathy is off the charts, I have and will always continue to travel to seek his advice and service, trust in his experience and professionalism, he cares, and that is unique in today’s medical practices, where quantity seems to over shine what quality is and should be for any patients well-being and road to recovery!!  Personally, I would travel to “Tim-Buck- Two” to receive both his advice and pain management service practice technique, trust in his service and medical advice along with his trusted assistant “Charlotte Small”, they are a fantastic team. 

  • (Five Stars) – Absolutely amazing doctor and human being. Will go the extra mile to help you. I’ve been with Dr. Koranloo for nearly 12 years and my wife has been with him for about 8. We’ve never been let down. We owe so much to this man.

  • (Five Stars) – Excellent doctor that has helped me tremendously!!

Contact Information:
Lake Carolina Pain and Spine Center
1821 Clemson Rd #2, Columbia, SC 29229
Phone: 803-708-6160

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